Step-By-Step Video Series Showing You How I Went From Zero To 7 Figures In One Year.

It's A Dollar A Day, Like A Cup Of Coffee...And That's It!

Get Access To Unlimited Products Without Ever Handling Them Or Carrying Inventory.​

 How To Use a $5 Budget To Get Highly-Targeted Traffic And Create A Buying Frenzy!

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Normally Priced $1,997


I’ve Actually Done What You’re Trying To Do...

Whether you’re trying to create your first Shopify store or enhance an existing store or you’re trying to offer your skills and coaching to other businesses, I’ve done both  and I’ve done it well!  I am one of the few online coaches that has created multiple  7-figure Shopify stores AND a 7-figure coaching business. 

My Strategies Get Results, Period!

If you’re trying to run a successful Shopify store you have to be different. You can’t do the same “me-too” marketing that you see.  That’s where The Dollar eCom Club comes in.

I created this course to show you exactly what I’ve done to differentiate myself from
all the others and to give you a step-by-step playbook to execute what you learn. (and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.)

No, it won’t be easy and you won’t make millions overnight. But, together we can finally get your business some positive results. Let’s do this!

Start Building Your ECom Empire Today

ALL YOU PAY IS $30.00!*

What You Get In The Dollar ECom Club...

Hands Down the Most Value You’ll Ever See For $30

Under The Hood: INSANE Sales And Traffic Results

Once mastered, THIS Is What The Facebook Pixel Can Do

$10K Sales IN ONE DAY!

Almost A QUARTER-MILLION DOLLARS in Sales In 4 Months!

Have You Ever Seen FB Ads Results LIKE THIS?!

Meet Our Members: Success Stories From Our Students

Does What I Teach Actually Work?

These Are Just a Few of Small Handful of Our Client Success Stories...

*The following testimonials are extraordinary and should not be considered typical results. We do not track the results of our students or verify the accuracy of student testimonials & revenues





Module #1: Kickstarter

The kickstarter Series was designed to walk you through the exact steps and tools you need In order to get you prepped in launching your Shopify Store the way the pro’s do it. Without this you may find yourself running into many issues in the future.

Module #2: Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping? How do I source products? How do I fulfill products that customers order from my store? These are common questions that can frustrate the heck out of you. This module takes you through the exact steps & tools I use to sell product I don’t own or ever touch.  

Module #3: Shopify Mastery

Store setup from start to finish- get everything up and running in 20 minutes! Learn how to research & find products that people are looking for right now, using our TREND-RIDER Method. See our methods of testing to create a winning store for yourself. Learn the difference between FLEX Stores & Niche Stores and start building your eCommerce Empire Today!  

(Note:  I give you FREE templates to use!!!)

Module #4: App Gateway

As a member of The Dollar eCom Club you will have access to every single App that Pavel Vasilik uses to optimize his online stores & automate time consuming processes in order to focus on bigger picture tasks. Apps can also help increase store conversions rates & sales by adding in shopping cart abandonment apps, retargeting and different bundles/upsells.

Module #5: Product Sourcing

One of the most important pieces in eCom is product sourcing. This can literally break or make you so it is crucial in doing it right. I’m going to literally let you look under the hood of how I find winning products that can make you 7-figures and beyond. See the power of Print On Demand, designing and licensing YOUR own products. And go beyond the per-purchase dropshipping model with wholesale scaling.

Module #6: Facebook Ads Mastery

I could probably charge $2k just for this module alone because it’s so in depth.  This isn’t just an intro to FB course.  I cover everything from set-up, all the way to using the same advanced ad techniques that our team uses every day. I’m talking about ad types, ABO Ads, CBO ads and knowing when to use them and when not to use them to get the most bang for your buck. Don’t be scared, there’s a lot but you’ve got this because I walk you through it step-by-step!

Module #7: Facebook Ad Scaling

One of the biggest things that separates this program from the rest is I actually teach how to take 10x your Facebook Ad results without compromising conversion costs. Scaling is where most businesses screw up because they get excited when they see a result and then take their budget from $50/day to $500/day expecting the same cost per sale. Except their entire campaign goes to complete crap and they’re left scratching their heads. Learn the art of scaling & save yourself the money and headache of doing it wrong.

Module #8: Email Marketing

In this module you will learn the secrets of email marketing and how we use them to get FREE sales by offering our customers/potential customers Promotions/Deals all through Apps and automation. One of the MOST important things for any business to do is build a list, If you do not have a list you do not have a business.

Module #9: Creating a Team

Once your store is making 100k plus it is important to delegate your tasks and avoid burning out. Most likely you are not getting into the business of answering emails all day, fulfilling orders, running ads, customer service, handling returns etc…In this module I will show you all the tools & services we use in order to make your life easier so your business can work for you & not you working for your business.


No, I’m Not Crazy, I Just Always Like To Overdeliver…

BONUS #1: 7-Figure Store Templates

I’m going to give you Templates of someone of the MOST successful Shopify stores on the market that are currently making 7-Figures and more. These are the exact templates me and my team are using right now to build out our very own stores. The goal here is to help you save a ton of time so you don’t have to start from scratch

BONUS #2: Retargeting Secrets

It isn’t 2015 anymore and you cannot simply run an ad on Facebook or any other platform and expect it to make you profits. If you are going to succeed in getting the highest ROI on your ads you have to master the art of  “stalking” people online. Have you ever seen a product while browsing the web and all of a sudden you see that product everywhere. Learn the secrets of how this works and LEVERAGE that power to make your Shopify store a money making machine.

BONUS #3: Recorded Weekly Calls

Every Monday & Wednesday we will have live calls that we record and upload to our Inner Circle Library. On these calls we will dissect other Shopify stores, do product research and review the newest and coolest strategies that people are using today. This is all result driven not theory driven.

BONUS #4: Private FB Community

I’m going to throw in access to our Facebook group where you will be able to stay up to date with everything happening in the industry and ask questions LIVE every week. The goal here is so you never feel like you are alone because you can mingle with other people in our community, If you have a question someone will always answer. We got your back! 

As You Can See, We Are Giving You Everything You Need To Crush It Online With Your Own Shopify Store!

At some point you’ve got to start taking actions that are going to get results. That’s why I created this course; To ensure that you could take the skills that you learn, implement, and start winning online… Finally!

Straight Up Honest 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Ok– let’s be honest really quick…

We think money back guarantees absolutely suck. Why? Because most people see them as a way to half ass things and when they fail for whatever reason. You name it, laziness, will power, confidence, “just dabbling”, cost, it doesn’t matter…

It doesn’t matter, because whatever the reason, that’s EXACTLY why we created the Dollar eCom Club. Which might make us a little insane, but hear us out…

You’ve been conditioned for so long that you think you have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to learn what you need to know about building a kickass eCommerce business. You’ve been led to believe that this knowledge is SECRET, EXCLUSIVE, and that it’s somehow nearly IMPOSSIBLE to obtain it. You might even believe that you can’t achieve or deserve the type of success leaders in this industry have…

And that’s straight up bullsh*t. You are proving that it’s simply not true because you’re here, right now.

Joining the Dollar eCom Club is literally just a dollar a day, which means no more saying you don’t have the time, or you can’t afford it, or maybe later…because the opportunity to take control of your business and financial freedom is right here in front of you.

We’ve done everything in our power to share what we know with you, so you can go out and replicate our success. But, if for whatever reason you sign up as an eCom Member and you are not satisfied with your purchase after 14 days, then we will refund you ALL of your money.

No problem. No questions asked.

We’re here to help you succeed, because the world is big enough for you to succeed too…but if that means you decide that you have to go in a different direction, that’s okay too…and that’s the honest truth!

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We’ve travelled the world, taught at all kinds of events, and met a lot of people along the way…and learned that there’s one thing for certain.

People know a good opportunity when they see it.

Even when we were originally charging THOUSANDS of dollars for this knowledge (because we thought we were SUPPOSED to), ordinary people, you know, husbands, wives, friends, colleagues SHOWED UP ANYWAY to learn and build their dream eCom businesses. No matter where we travelled, we learned that people will pretty much pay anything if the deal’s good enough.


Because we’ve seen first hand what this information can do to change people’s lives, when put in capable hands.

We are building an unstoppable COMMUNITY full of entrepreneurs across the globe, and we want you to join us.

That’s why we’re offering the most affordable eCommerce coaching on the market, and why joining now is an absolute no-brainer for EVERYONE.

Once we get enough members, we’ll be forced to bump the price up to keep up with the demands of the community. Probably to $97 per month.

But if you ACT NOW we will give you the $1 A Day price, for life.

There’s no catch here, and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join us now!


ANYWHERE ELSE, ALL of this would cost you THOUSANDS…

But we want you to WIN. So it’s not going to be that much…

$1 A Day Like A Cup Of Coffee…And That’s It!

No Contract. No Hidden Fees. No Nonsense.

Let’s Get You Started!

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